A screenshot from HBO’s “Silicon Valley” television show where three middle-aged men are gathered around a rectangular table full of computers (two people are seated, one is standing on his phone). The table is messy and filled with water bottles, disposable coffee containers, and office knick knacks.
Startups are a high-paced environment for ambitious people with diverse skillsets. But just because you’re not they’re typical applicant, doesn’t mean you’re not cut out for it! There are roles for everyone. Source: HBO

You don’t need to have interned at a tech unicorn or get your MBA from Stanford to work at a startup. You just need to look outside the box.

A picture of a mahogany wood acoustic Martin guitar, lying on a couch with a floral pattern. There’s a MacBook laptop opened up with the screen facing the other way.
Just because you created it for your client doesn’t mean you own it. Work for hire is not something you should ignore if you’re a creative contractor! Source: Justin Oswald.

In the creative industry, IP is everything. Learn more about what work for hire is, how it looks in contracts, and how to leverage it!

An image of a dark wooden surface covered with what appear to be estimates and contracts. There are two hands shaking from opposite ends of photo. On one side of the photo, there’s someone in a navy blue blazer with a white dress shirt, sitting in front of an open laptop, with a contract under the other arm. On the other side of the photo, there are two people, one shaking the hand and the other (to the left) writing notes.
Understanding the commercial contracting basics of how you get paid is of paramount importance for entreprenuers. Source: Getty Images

Hourly Rate

Captain Picard from “Star Trek” facepalm meme with the caption: Maroon 5’s doing an NFT? What’s next? Ed Sheeran going to Mars?
An overrated band getting into an overhyped asset class. Is this a fad or the future of music?

An image of rapper, Sisqó, staring at the camera with a smirk on his face. His hair is short and died white. He has diamond earrings and a silver chain around his neck. He’s holding a microphone in one hand.
Something tells me Sisqó is more of a Zoom kind-of-guy…

AT&T’s logo on a black background.

A meme of the Dogecoin dog superimposed on top of a baby floating in a pool. It is a spin off of Nirvana’s “Nevermind” album cover.
From meme to multi-billion dollar cryptocurrency, Dogecoin is emblematic of the modern age of investing.

Screenshot of a message from Facebook advising that the user cannot posts because a post was made against Community Standards.
Some observers argue Facebook’s content moderation policies are opaque and grant the company too much discretion in moderating internet speech. Others see it as a necessary tool to be used, when necessary, to prevent violence or the spread of misinformation.

An image of the Netflix logo on a television screen in a dark room. The television is on top of a cabinet with a console gaming controller sitting in front of it. The red from the logo font resonates outward from the television giving a sort of ominous glow.
After reporting lower than expected net new paid subscriber numbers, Netflix has to re-calibrate its strategy for growth.

The stock market did not hide its disappointment after Netflix released its most recent Q1 earnings.

Image of two tadpole-looking characters holding musical instruments and wearing plaid and leather jackets. One is playing a left-handed electric bass; the other is playing a right-handed electric guitar. There is an amplifier off to the side.
Spotify’s Too Cool for Apple’s In-App Purchase Policies.

What Makes Apple Such a Tough Competitor?

Justin Oswald

fortune favors the brave.

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